Live Events

The reason why so many people describe our live events as “Amazing!” is that each and every individual gets out of our program exactly what they put in. Truly, all of guests have been AMAZING!

  • Are you ready to do whatever it takes to feel healthier than you have felt in years?
  • Are you ready to discover and create your perfect lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to make a commitment to the most important thing in your life: YOU?
  • Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to fulfill that commitment?

Give yourself the gift of an AMAZING healing retreat at Grace Grove. You so deserve it!

Join us for one of our AMAZING life-changing signature retreats.


Full Body Rejuvenation 2016 Retreat Dates


February 21-27

March 20-26

April 10-16

May 22-28

June 12-18

Aug. 28-Sept. 3

Sept. 18-24

Oct. 16-22

Nov. 13-19

Dec. 4-10

Call for details on a 2016 Full Body Rejuvenation Experience that fits within your schedule

21 Day Freedom From Meds

  • Optional Start Dates

Call 928-649-0456 for more information

Live Events

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