Freedom From Meds


Are you on medications for any of the following
emotional problems?

  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anger and irritability
  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Brain Fog


Are you having any of these common side-effects
from your medications?

  • Digestive problems
  • Chronic constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel, etc.
  • Soreness or inflammation
  • Headaches
  • Significantly overweight or underweight
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Restless legs
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Allergies


It makes sense to desire a new path toward a healthy life, free from medications and the symptoms they attempt to relieve. It makes sense to search for a safer and more effective route. Many people are aware that medications can help. And, in some cases they are necessary. But, medications are over-prescribed and often very dangerous. Did you know that even the American Medical Association (AMA) ranks “traditional medical treatments” in the top three killers of Americans (JAMA 284, 2000)? Other cumulative data from recent numerous studies show an even more alarming trend; that medication and medical treatments are estimated to cause over 700,000 deaths per year. This means that medication and medical treatments are the number one cause of death in the United States of America. (Reference: “Death by Medicine” in Life Extension Magazine 2003)

Not only are people being prescribed medications more than ever before, but, most people currently on medications still have the symptoms they started with. And, most people are not even aware of why the symptoms they have are present in their body in the first place… and neither are their doctors! This is especially true for medications used to treat difficult emotional and mental problems.

The vast majority of people using medications for their mind are also experiencing body related symptoms. Thus, using combinations of medications for the mind and medications for the body. First, one medication is used. Then, another is added or switched-to. Next, after a while, the combination stops working. So, the medication dosage is increased; often leading to new side-effects. But, the fear of coming-off the medication and the symptoms getting worse is too big. And so, there are potentially problematic medications with side-effects being used that aren’t even relieving the original symptoms. This process is obviously inefficient, and certainly not a long-term or viable healthcare solution.

If the above situation describes you, or sounds like something that you are currently living through, you may feel frustrated and confused. Or, even hopeless and helpless. Perhaps even feeling like giving up; throwing all the medications away and starting over?

In the midst of ongoing symptoms and problematic medications that may have quite dangerous side effects, you may be feeling asking these questions:

* What are my options?
* How can any changes I make be long lasting?
* I have tried before and failed. So, why can’t I do this on my own?

Do you want to be off of your medications? Do you want to…

  • Feel younger and more vibrant than you can remember?
  • Have less of the symptoms troubling you, and more of what you truly desire for your life?
  • Have your optimism and passion for life renewed?
  • Have a clearer, sharper mind to comfortably handle any situation?
  • Get your physical strength and agility back?
  • Accelerate your brain recovery from chronic symptoms and the side-effects from medications you have taken?
  • Have less pain and inflammation in your body?
  • And, look years younger while doing it all?


What You CAN do it for YOU!

“Most chronic diseases, including heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, and depression [and many others] can improve with the proper lifestyle programs.” Dr. Dean Ornish, Director Preventative Medicine Research Institute (

Based upon 35 years of clinical research, conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, anti aging telomeres, and gene expression are all influenced when you improve your lifestyle! This evidence is noted in multiple, peer-reviewed articles that have been published in The Journal of American Medical Association, The Journal of Cardiology, The European Journal of Heart Medicine, and a multitude of other distinguished national and international publications.

The answer is simple: Decide to Change Your Lifestyle! And then, find a holistic system that can help you do it.

In order for a change in lifestyle to be feasible, it is imperative that you find a quality, personalized program that has these following components:

  1. Clinically-proven, effective, efficient, and safe.
  2. On-site, medically-supervised protocol for medication transition with a superior success rate. (ideally 90% or better)
  3. A system that identifies and effectively treats the root cause of the original symptoms. A system that uses the highest-quality nutrition, rebuilding supplementation, deep emotional clearing support, and comprehensive cleansing of the toxic residue in the body. Including, those from the medications themselves.
  4. Detoxification methods are thorough while being safe, thereby allowing the body to re-engage its own healing mechanisms for internal balance and ongoing rejuvenation. For example: targeted nutrition and oral supplementation, along with intestinal cleansing, and clearing underlying infections are used to remove heavy metals.
  5. Takes a whole-person perspective to look at all factors involved in helping re-establish health and vitality throughout the entire body-mind-spirit. (Including: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental, and social factors.)
  6. Establishes an ongoing plan for success so that the target symptoms remain absent, vitality, and wellness continue. And, so you can continue to be medication free.

You are invited and encouraged to evaluate other programs in order to get a full program comparison. We feel confident that the Freedom From Meds Program at the Rejuvenation and Performance Institute is the most comprehensive medication transition program available… anywhere on the planet today!


The 5-Fold Path of Detoxification

Our medication transition program is the only one available anywhere that includes all these features of the 5-fold Path of Detoxification. Most programs only address one of these, possibly two; leading to high rates of recurrence or only partial response. The only way to receive full benefit and total recovery is through the combination of all the elements:

  • Comprehensive 5-Fold Path of Detoxification
    1. Anti-parasite protocol (clinically effective, efficient, safe, and easy)
    2. Environmental Exposures: heavy metal detoxification, excitotoxins and POPS clearing safely, effectively, and thoroughly from the total body. (Excitotoxins are those chemicals routinely added to food as taste enhancers that lead to neurological conditions and neuro-degenerative diseases. POPs are persistent organic pollutants; herbicides, pesticides and industrial waste by-products to name a few.)
    3. Clearing of stored and unresolved psycho-emotional issues, using an individually-oriented and comprehensive process to permanently clear these issues at the core level of the subconscious and at the original event of emotional challenge. This is done through Dr. Dan’s unique and effective Psycho-Emotional Release Therapy (PERT: how is this name for the process?)
    4. Liver / GB cleanse and flush (Grace Grove signature program with 98.5% success rate of improving any and all symptoms.)
    5. Interference fields and EMFs, (Interference fields are the result of old injuries and traumas that may have interrupted the energy flow along chi/meridian lines in the body, and therefore weaken any associated organ system. EMFs are electro-magnetic frequencies that come from cell phones, computers, and wi-fi devices, electrical towers, home wiring, and environmental radar. See above for more on EMFs.)

After we detoxify your body, we add organic, raw vegan cuisine for ultimate healing. This is our Feel Good For Good Program.

  • Organic, fresh, raw vegan cuisine (clinically proven to be the most healing diet)
  • Dr. Dan’s personal rejuvenation coaching program the Feel Good 4 Good program is included
  • This is a program geared to rejuvenation of the body, whole being reorientation to health and recovery, and expansion of consciousness
  • Daily sessions with Dr. Dan for healing, teaching, and coaching

Dr. Dan prepares you for success, prior to your arrival, by helping you create:

  • An attitude of faith and optimism
  • Willingness to learn and change
  • Willingness to live a life medication free
  • Willingness to take personal responsibility for your life and health
  • Deep personal commitment to living vitality and practicing wellness
  • Readiness to release all old programs, patterns, and behaviors that are working against your healing
  • Willingness to increase personal awareness and consciousness

Program is based on Dr. Dan’s “7 Rs” Model of Rejuvenation

  1. Removing the Toxins –
  2. Repair the Neuro-chemistry –
  3. Rebuild the Body –
  4. Rebalance the Emotions –
  5. Reprogram the Mind –
  6. Renew the Soul –
  7. Re-educate to Wellness –


In greater detail, this means:

  1. Removing the Toxins – Clearing the major organ systems from infections, heavy metal burden, interference fields, and the residue from toxic environmental exposures.
  2. Repairing the Neuro-chemistry – As the toxins are removed, the brain is supported with the highest-quality nutrition and supplementation to rebuild the neurochemistry. And, to reestablish coherent functional communication with the rest of the body, in order to stimulate ongoing healing.
  3. Rebuild the body
    1. The body is fed the most optimal, whole, live-food nutrition
    2. Exercised through a state-of-the-art vibrational movement protocol (the Turbo Sonix) to strengthen the core musculature, and promote cleansing from the gross level down to the microscopic cellular level
    3. Re-aligned to support proper functioning
    4. Coached through practices to become more aware and attuned to the subtle energy body that directs the healing and longevity pathways
    5. And, stimulated to express its inherent self-healing mechanisms
    6. Rebalance the emotions – PERT: psycho-emotional release therapy is used to clear old emotional traumas still affecting emotional balance and wellness, and self-regulatory techniques are taught so one is able to more effectively deal with uncomfortable emotional experiences and to better utilize the emotional body as an inherent and skillful communication guidance system
    7. Reprogram the Mind – The mind-based factors clinically known to stimulate the healing response are taught and mastered, while releasing the core related mental programs that have hindered personal empowerment and vital life force. This is the 21-day Re-Write.
    8. Renewing the Soul – these sacred ceremonies assist one to reclaim and reorient to a Soul centered life, restore passion and purpose, and strengthen the sense of centeredness and peace in times of emotional, mental and environmental challenge, uncertainty and chaos.

7. Reeducate to Wellness – The core curriculum of the Feel Good 4 Good Personal Empowerment program is taught. It is a comprehensive educational program designed to cultivate mastery of the ten primary areas in life responsible for personal wellness, sustained vitality, and ongoing fulfillment.

The intended outcomes of this balanced 7R’s program:

  • Repair of the brain chemistry to balance the neurotransmitters for feeling well, optimistic, focused, and fully engaged with life.
    • Rebuilding the body through strengthening the core, with targeted programs for strength, power, balance and stamina, and the highest quality organic, live-food diet and nutritional program available.
    • Rejuvenating the mind by engaging all the aspects involved in creating an attitude for ongoing health and healing.
    • Rebalancing the emotions through the Psycho-Emotional Release Therapy (PERT).
    • Re-igniting one’s passion for life through engagement in traditional and contemporary ceremonies for full integration of one’s self to a soul-centered, purposeful, and joyful life.
    • Radiating ongoing vitality with the Feel Good 4 Good personal empowerment program, which educates one on the lifestyle factors involved in establishing a life of health, fulfillment, and rejuvenation.




    IF YOU’RE READY TO END the fear of coming-off the medications, and the PAIN of the symptoms which are unbearable; if you are ready to say NO to potentially problematic medications with side effects, then this could be your time! Dr. Dan is now accepting applications for upcoming programs. Fill out the confidential assessment form, and provide a 100% refundable deposit for an initial consultation. If Dr. Dan determines that you are not a qualified candidate for the program, we will fully refund your deposit. Likewise, if you do not feel this program would work for you with 100% confidence, then we will refund your deposit without hassle.

    One year later, Tracy came back. Watch this follow up video and see how radiant she looks!


    Did you know that:

    Toxic environmental exposure is a growing problem in the industrialized world. It affects everyone, and is getting worse from generation to generation.

    • For example, the Environmental Working Group (a non-profit environmental advocacy organization) measured levels of several hundred toxic chemicals in the blood of babies still in the womb.
    • The organization’s study found an average of 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of ten (10) babies born in late 2009. They are environmental chemicals: from flame retardants to those found in a wide array of common household products. Including, shampoos and conditioners, cosmetics, plastics, shower curtains, mattresses, and modern electronics such as computers and cell phones.
    • At the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health, the organization is following the children in their study from the uterus through birth, and up to their first several years of life. They recently published a study in the journal “Pediatrics” demonstrating an association between the chemicals they found in babies’ umbilical cord blood and later problems on intelligence tests and development.
    • They found “Fifteen percent (15%) of children [in our study] have at least one developmental problem,” Dr. Perera said.
    • And, the amount of chemicals measured in the umbilical cord blood of the babies seems to matter. The higher the concentration, the more the IQ among children seems to dip.
    • In another study, researchers analyzed data for more than 160 chemicals and detected many toxic persistent organic pollutants (POPs), such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organochlorine pesticides, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), phenols, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and perchlorate in 99 to 100 percent (99-100%) of pregnant women.
      • Many of these are known carcinogens, and can affect one’s chemical sensitivity, neurochemistry, and immune system function. And, can impair the healthy function of all systems in the body throughout a person’s life.
      • This is one of the main reasons there is a growing epidemic of mental and emotional illness in the world.


    Did You Know…

    The consumption of many store-bought packaged food items can cause brain damage and related disorders?

    • This is from a variety of toxic additives. Excitotoxins are one example. They act as amino acids in the brain and when bound to receptors they cause brain cell death.
    • Most people don’t even know they are being exposed. For example, any food ingredient labeled as “spices, natural flavoring, textured protein, soy protein extract, yeast extract, or hydrolyzed vegetable protein” often carries one or more of these excitotoxins.
    • Some of the products containing excitotoxins: soda pop, “juice” drinks, crackers, rice cakes, bagels, breads, cereals, salad dressings, “fruit” snacks, salad dressings, candy, soups, sugar-free gum, sauces, “energy” drinks, “food” bars, medications, vitamin and herbal supplements, and many more.
    • The most common additives acting as excitotoxins are ones used as flavor enhancers (such as MSG, aspartame in Nutrasweet and Equal, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein). They have been clinically linked to a variety of neurological and psychological conditions.
    • These illnesses and diseases range from mood imbalances (depression and anxiety) to hyperarousal states (allergies, seizures, insomnia and migranes) to neurodegenerative disorders (like autism, Alzheimers Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease).
    • Many experts and clinical researchers have known about this for some time, and are coming out in protest. Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD a pioneering neurosurgeon is one clinical researcher. See his book, Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills.

    Another common toxic exposure leading to mental illness, psychological imbalance, and neurodegeneration is from heavy metals.

    • From leading researcher and pioneer in Orthomolecular Medicine, Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, and from clinical research reporting physician Dr. Joseph Mercola: the four most common offenders are lead, arsenic, aluminum, and mercury.
    • Mercury comes from dental amalgams, vaccine exposure, and fish.
    • According to a new US Geological Survey study, scientists detected mercury contamination in EVERY fish sampled, in nearly 300 streams across the United States of America.
    • More than one-quarter of these fish were found to contain mercury at levels EXCEEDING the criterion for the protection of people who consume average amounts of fish, as established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. More than two-thirds of the fish exceeded the US EPA “level of concern” for fish-eating mammals.
    • Mercury toxicity has been linked to, among other things, mercury dental fillings; particularly, when people have a large number of them. Symptoms include: a metallic taste in the mouth, excess salivation, gingivitis, tremors, stomach, and kidney troubles. Mental symptoms include: shyness, irritability, apathy and depression, psychosis, mental deterioration, and anorexia.
    • Lead comes from occupational exposure and to lead-based paints.
    • According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the prevalence of lead toxicity (levels greater than 10 mcg/dL) in US children ranged from 1.5 percent (1.5%) for upper-income white children living in recently built houses in the suburbs, to 36.7 percent (36.7%) for black children residing in large cities. Children are more susceptible to lead absorption than adults, whose lead toxicity is generally related to occupational exposure. It is estimated that more than 800,000 US workers are exposed to lead through their work.
    • Physical lead toxicity symptoms include: a combinations of gastrointestinal complaints, anemia and neurological problems, headaches, and convulsions. Mental symptoms include: restlessness, insomnia, irritability, confusion, excitement, anxiety, delusions, and disturbing dreams.
    • Aluminum exposure comes from aluminum cookware, foil, medications, antiperspirants, drinking water, baking powders, common table salt, and refined foods.
    • Exposure symptoms include: Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, extreme nervousness, anemia, headache, decreased liver and kidney function, forgetfulness, speech disturbances, and memory loss.
    • Arsenic exposure comes from tap and well water, pesticides, treated wood, and occupational exposures.
    • Physical arsenic symptoms include: stomach problems, neurological troubles, kidney failure, increased pigmentation of soles, palms, or other areas, garlic odor on breath, excessive salivation, progressive blindness, various forms of cancer (bladder, lung, skin and kidney), anemia, heart arrhythmia, and others. Mental symptoms include: apathy, dementia, and anorexia.

    Did you know that common, household electronic devices may be contributing to the increase in cancers world-wide and the decrease in fertility rates?

    • EMFs are electro-magnetic frequencies; emitted from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances. Studies show a link between EMFs and brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problems, stress, nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer, and other abnormal health problems.


    Cell phone use also leads to decreased sperm count, and therefore overall fertility rates among men.

    • A new study released by the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio state suggests an alarming increase in infertility amongst men who frequently use cell phones. In each of the four criteria singled out in the study – sperm count, motility, viability and appearance – those who used cell phones more than four (4) hours per day fared the worst in each category.
    • The study, led by Professor Ashok Agarwal, divided over 360 men into three categories: those who never used a cell phone, those who used a cell phone less than two hours per day and the final group of men, who used their cell phones at least four hours each day.
    • The test group of men who used their cell phones most often suffered an alarming twenty-five percent (25%) DECREASE in their overall sperm count, when compared to the group of men who never used a cell phone at all. Of equal concern, was the fact that the frequent cell phone users displayed a one-third (1/3) DECREASE in their sperm’s ability to swim.
    • The appearance of the sperm also suffered, dropping by fifty-percent (50%). Less than one-fifth (1/5) of the frequent cell phone user’s sperm looked normal under the microscope.
    • The study points to a possible explanation for the twenty-nine percent (29%) plummet in the sperm counts of British men over the past decade. It cannot be ignored or passed off as coincidence that while the use of cell phones has soared in the past ten years, male fertility inhabitants of industrialized countries has suffered.
    • Animal studies have shown that sperm-making cells in the testes are particularly vulnerable to low-level radiation from exposure to cell phones, which was previously thought to be harmless. Non-ionizing cell phone’s radiation overheats cells, affecting their growth and normal development.
    • Cell phone use has also been proven to cause damage to the blood vessels in the brain, even over short periods of use. This is also a cause for concern as many reproductive hormones are produced in the brain.

    Watch this video from one of our recent guests who was trying to quit several medications.

    Additional Activities and Services Included in the Retreat Package

    Daily Yoga, Stretching, and Breathing Exercises
    Each day includes a movement class. The Grace Grove Lifestyle Center’s “yoga barn” beams with the rays of the sun as it rises over the ridge. You are starting your day with stretching and strengthening, dynamic sets, and breathing exercises to help move toxins out of the body. This activity provides you with the perfect blend of a nurturing stretching motion, combined with dynamic movement all choreographed to support the body’s detoxification process. Our classes accommodate all levels and have the utmost respect for where each person is at on their skill level.

    Daily Guided Meditation
    Scheduled on a daily basis, we provide guided meditations that invite you to experience a level of deep relaxation and inner peace. You will create opportunities to direct your energies inward for optimum healing and rejuvenation. We use proven techniques that have been practiced for hundreds of years, so we know how wonderful the experience will be for you and how profound you will feel.

    Daily Lectures
    Each day we provide informative, interactive sessions to educate you on the cleansing process, overall nutrition, healthy lifestyles, super foods, supplements, food preparation, relationship healing, personal empowerment, and longevity. These classes are where your individual issues and concerns will be addressed. Our goal is to assist you in creating a sustainable lifestyle of rejuvenation.

    Light Body Cleansing and Activation Ceremony
    This sacred ceremony incorporates guided visualization, Holotropic breath work, energy healing, and light body expansion techniques to facilitate a personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own soul and BEYOND!!! You will be cradled in a safe and loving embrace as you:

    • RELEASE the tension, fear, and frustration that is holding you back
    • OPEN to a deeper awareness of your highest potential
    • DEEPEN your connection to your higher self and universal energy
    • EXPAND the capacity of your heart to give and receive love
    • ALLOW your natural peace and serenity to return

    Vibrational Sound Healing Ceremony
    Release, relax, and unwind to the healing melodies of crystal bowls, didgeridoo, chimes and more. As you drift into a safe meditative zone, the vibrational sounds will move deeply into every cell of your body realigning your emotional, physical, and energetic bodies back into peaceful harmony.

    Colon Hydrotherapy
    This introduces water (under very low pressure) to remove accumulated and compacted wastes. This method greatly enhances the detoxification process. When done in conjunction with fasting and cleansing programs, one experiences total tissue cleansing, which yields lasting results.

    Emotional Clearing and Energy Balancing Session
    When cleansing the physical body of toxins, the emotional body is often primed to release old patterns or unhealthy thoughts that inhibit one’s ability to truly thrive. Exploring these feelings and searching out their source enables us to detach from what is not “real”. And, to reconnect with what is “real” and move on; feeling lighter and clearer, both emotionally and physically.

    Quantum Wave Laser Unwinding Session
    This process unwinds the body into its unified state, releasing cellular memories of stress and tension from the nervous system, glands, and muscles. Experience the most stress relieving and relaxing treatment on the planet.

    Far Infrared Sauna
    Experience the deep warming and detoxification of a far infrared sauna. Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal, stay healthy, and detoxify. Sweat carries toxins out of the body and pushes it through the pores. In conventional saunas, the average person sweats out three percent (3%) toxins and ninety-seven percent (97%) water. In a far infrared sauna, one sweats out twenty percent (20%) toxins and eighty percent (80%) water! We encourage you to relax while you cleanse in the best heat therapy available.

    Ionic Foot Spa
    The ionic detox and cleanse foot spa uses energized water to help your body detox and feel rejuvenated. Through water ionization, your body will be stimulated to expel and remove any excess toxins in the body. You can relax and watch as the ionic detox and cleanse Foot Bath makes the water change color, drawing out the toxins and leaving your body healthier, and feeling more refreshed.

    Infrared Amethyst Bio Mat
    Experience immediate balancing, cleansing, and relaxing benefits on the Amethyst Bio Mat. This extraordinary leading-edge healing technology combines Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ion Therapy, and Amethyst Crystalline Matrix. Far infrared rays detoxify the body and destroy cancer cells and viral cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. Negative ions deliver a molecular level massage that accelerates the healing and cleansing processes. The Amethyst Bio Mat is a powerful transformer assisting in psycho-spiritual-emotional clearing and uplifting your soul.

    Additional Services And Protocols
    To meet your specific health needs and to enhance your cleansing experience, our professionals provide additional services that support your journey and these include massage therapy, nutritional consultations, and tailored packages of products to address candida, parasites, immune system conditions, and much more.

    Call NOW to reserve your space at (928) 649-0456,
    or (928) 629-1921. (Timezone is MST)

    For Questions and More Information, E-Mail to

    This cleansing program is appropriate for adults only. Take a needed rest from parenting, and enjoy the rejuvenation and healing you deserve.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy: Due to the pre-payments required for accommodations, materials, staff, and cleansing supplements on behalf of each participant, there are NO refunds or credits offered for partial attendance or no-shows. This is a firm policy. Deposits and payments are non‐refundable.

    This experience is for those who take responsibility for themselves. Ultimately, you are responsible for yourself and your health and well-being. This is an opportunity to expand your understanding of your own body and take control of your own optimal health. We are not a medical facility and do not offer medical advice. Please consult your physician before attending one of our retreats.

    Freedom From Meds

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