Meet the Team

At Grace Grove Rejuvenation Lifestyle Center we have assembled a team of professionals that are unrivaled in the world. As you learn more about our team, you will understand that each of us has the passion, purpose and spiritual connection that will make your journey to rejuvenation one that is remarkable, memorable and empowering. Each of us is personally dedicated to assisting and guiding you on this journey and supporting you long after you leave so that you can truly know the power of living a rejuvenated lifestyle.

About RPI

RPI at Grace Grove is a new leader amongst the premier retreat centers in North America and beyond. It is one of few lifestyle centers with a full-range of on-site therapists and coaches. Client programs and treatments are medically supervised. All programs and offerings are intentionally designed to support digestive healing, proper immune function, and increases in physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.
Our progressive detoxification protocols, such as cleanses and flushes, have been developed over five years of research and clinical testing. Our programs are centered on professional services, and the team at RPI has over 100 years of combined experience. This experience promotes optimum health and peak performance for our clients.

Meet Morgan Langan, MBA

Morgan Langan In 2008, Grace Grove Lifestyle Center was founded, which now houses the Rejuvenation and Performance Institute (RPI). Through RPI, Morgan is dedicated to providing clients with an alternative to the current health care system. He continues to focus the latest wellness advancements in integrative health care. Morgan shares 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, including his own spiritual journey and healing process.
Through private coaching services, healing retreats, and Master Body Master Mind events, he enjoys assisting many in finding their life’s purpose. Morgan’s current objective is to guide business leaders in becoming more conscious in all realms of their work.

Morgan observes that conscious people make better leaders. His passion is to share his unique perspective and education about implementing a system that powers ones business performance and personal rejuvenation; called “FLOW”.

Meet Shauna “Puma” Stangl
President, Grace Grove Lifestyle Center

Shauna As managing partner at Grace Grove Lifestyle Center, Puma has dedicated her life to guiding individuals through physical purification for mental clarity; which she considers one of the greatest journeys a human can experience. For 14 years, Puma has been studying, researching, and facilitating cleansing and rejuvenation retreats, with many of the originators of the Living Food movement.
The saying, “follow your gut instincts” significantly impacted Puma’s early adult life. She discovered that the healing of all ailments is focused in the digestive system. As an independent, certified colon hydrotherapist, Puma began her career in Tucson, Arizona. While at Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, she became a consistently sought-after healer and medical intuitive. She uses her unique training and abilities to empower others to trust the innate wisdom of their own bodies.

Working as a certified Colon Hydro therapist in Tucson and the Tree of Life in Patagonia, she has transformed hundreds of people through physical, emotional and mental detoxing. Puma’s work as a Colon Hydrotherapist has given her a unique understanding and deep intuitive insight into the health of fellow humans.

She earned her degree in Chemistry and Spanish at the University Of Arizona. As the co-founder of Grace Grove Lifestyle Center, Puma is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after “medical intuitives” on the planet. She uses her unique abilities to empower others to trust the innate wisdom of their own body.

Meet Dan Engle, MD
Medical Director

Dan Engle, MDDoctor Dan Engle was a scholastic athlete who played collegiate soccer. He was considered a model student. As he was about to begin his freshman year in medical school, he broke his neck. Dan began medical school student orientation wearing a halo brace that was screwed into his skull. From this experience, he gained a new perspective and orientation on his life.

The longer he wore the halo brace, the more he became truly focused on serving others. He was drawn to alternative healing processes, and less interested in practicing interventional, quick-fix medicine. Dan committed to helping people heal not only their physical symptoms, but also their heart and mind. After completing his residency, Dr. Dan entered into a fellowship in the field of psychiatry. It was then, that Dr. Dan completed his first juice fast and experience the rejuvenating results of natural and holistic medicine.

Dr. Dan then became the Medical Director of Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia Arizona. His focus is concentrated in holistic psychiatry; helping clients to transition away from pharmaceutical medications. He is now the Medical Director for Rejuvenation and Performance Institute (RPI) at Grace Grove in Sedona, Arizona. Since working with RPI at Grace Grove, Dr. Dan has created a 21-day, on-site “Freedom from Meds” program. He incorporates energetic psychology and quantum reflex analysis in his medical training. By understanding healing work at deep levels, Dr. Dan has enhanced thousands of people’s lives. He helps to transform the medicine-dependent into spiritually awakened and fully rejuvenated individuals. Dr. Dan consciously facilitates the rebalance of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

CLICK HERE to view Dr. Dan’s Curriculum Vitae.

Meet Alisha M. Forrester Scott
Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, is a native of Arizona, and an expert in authentic communication. Alisha joined the RPI team to consolidate the internal organization of the sales and marketing departments. She has 13+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

Her career specialties include business development, creative marketing, copywriting, and client coaching. Alisha has been called a “miracle” in print by members of her client-community, and is the recipient of the Arizona Governor’s “Golden Rule” award.
In 2012, Alisha was diagnosed with a serious health problem, and began to utilize quality whole foods as medicine. One year later, Alisha is recovering very well, and learning the new, healthy habits that will keep her looking young, and feeling content. Alisha believes that RPI’s mission to holistically educate and heal the masses, using their liver, gallbladder, and digestion programs, is truly a public service. She is dedicated to growing the RPI brand and business model, and is in support of the life-saving, mass education about nutrition and detoxification that is needed for humans to heal and evolve.
If you are interested in reaching Alisha “Bee” directly, please call (978) ALISHA-8 is (978) 254-7428. Or, E-Mail to You can follow her storytime adventures, creative arts projects, and journalism at You can reach Alisha at LinkedIn.

Meet the Team

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